How to Get your website ranked on Google

How to Get Your Website Ranked on Google


The ranking¬†system is important. This is never truer than it is online. Google is the number one search engine that can make this happen. There are other search engines, but none has the power Google does to make or break a website simply by requiring strict adherence to their guidelines. Let’s face it: if you want to make it big online, you have to make a splash with Google. It’s that simple. But how do you achieve better rankings? And once you have it, how do you stay there?


Here are some tips for achieving and maintaining Google rankings that follow Google’s rules and appeal to both search engines and people:


Write Great Content

Writing great content is important if you want to rank in Google and stay there. This is the best possible way you can find your site higher in Google’s rankings just write great content. It must also be original, well thought-out, and relevant to what people are looking for when they visit your site. ¬†Focus on the quality of the content first and the results will be good.


Using SEO Sparingly

Keywords are still in, but keyword stuffing is out. As we mentioned in our post on writing good content, it bears repeating that the fastest way to get your site penalized by Google is to overdo it with the use of keywords. The best way to rank in Google is to write original, engaging content that uses keywords naturally.


Forbes Magazine Speaks Out

According to Forbes Magazine, one little-known fact is that your site is seen differently using “www” in front of your site, as opposed to not using it. So you can contact Google and ask for them to redirect your traffic to your site without the “www” so that all visits count toward it instead. This is a way to increase traffic and remember that one factor that increases your ranking in Google is to enhance your traffic.


Use Legitimate Links to Your Site

Notice we said to use natural links. This means not only making sure the links stay fresh and current, but also make sure the links are relevant to your content and are useful to readers and site visitors. You can have guest posts where others contribute content that is beneficial to your visitors. Offer to put a link to your site also if the content is relevant. But be careful regarding links that have no merit or value or that detract from the value of the content.


Use Bios for Guest Postings

Google now wants to know who is posting on a website, as this increases the level of transparency for customers who visit a site. So when you have guest posts, make sure and create a page for information about your visitors who post information so that people can check out the source and know it is credible.


Use Google Analytics to Control the Outcome

Google has stringent requirements to keep a site in the rankings, but you can’t say they don’t offer the tools to get you there. Google Analytics is one of the most significant tools they have ever offered for online businesses to increase your visibility and ranking. The resources within Google Analytics’ platform are too numerous to mention here, but suffice it to say it is a great invention that allows you to peer in on the microscopic level to just how well your site is doing with Google. Also, you can change the standard of activity and traffic by some different experiments and control groups with the platform, and chart the results from one session to another to see the results. Focus in on demographics and create specific population studies, as well. With all of these tools, all created by Google, this is one of the best tools you have to increase your rankings with Google.


So use Google’s tools. Write great content. Use biographies of your guest writers. Use appropriate links. Just be great. And Google will reward you with higher rankings while your customers reward you with more revenue.


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