How to know if a work from home site is legit

<title>How to know if a work from home website/marketing affiliate site is legit</title>

<description>If you’re looking for a marketing affiliate website or work from home website, here are some tips to help you know which ones are legitimate. </description>

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Avoid Getting Scammed with Work from Home Sites

The thought of working from home and setting your own schedule is very attractive. This is why so many people dream of making money online. It gives you more freedom and opportunity. However, due to the popularity of working from home websites and marketing affiliate sites, there are many out there that are designed to deceive and scam people.

When you’re looking at marketing affiliate sites and work from home websites, it’s important to think critically and to take the time to review the site in question fully.

Here are some tips for knowing if a work from home site or marketing affiliate site is legitimate.

Is it Too Good to be True?

If a website promises that you can make thousands of dollars a week with only a few hours of simple work, there’s a very good chance that this site isn’t being truthful. While working from home is often more enjoyable than doing many other jobs, real work from home jobs still involve work. Spending just an hour or two each week isn’t going to get you thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars in income right off the bat.

Do You Have to Pay Money Upfront?

Not all websites that ask for payment upfront are scams, but many are. If you were applying for a “regular job” you wouldn’t expect to have to pay a bunch of money just to find out more information, would you? The same is true with online businesses.

Does the Site Look Professional?

Real affiliate marketing websites and work from home websites are professional organizations. If you find yourself on a website that has spelling errors, dead links, or numerous grammar mistakes, there’s a good chance that this site isn’t legitimate.

You should also look for a site that has a real domain name and that contacts you through a professional email address (rather than something like “” for example).

Verify Claims

If a website claims that it’s been featured on news programs and magazines, do some research to see if you can find any independent way to verify these claims. The same goes for awards and testimonials. Do they sound real? Can you find any reviews or research online, from other sources, that verify the website?

Does the site list contact information? How easy is it to get in touch with a real person? Do they answer your questions? If the site sounds suspicious or the people you are in contact with don’t seem truthful, stay away.

Read the Fine Print

What does the company want you to sign before you can work with them? It’s always important to read the fine print before you sign anything. If you don’t understand something in the agreement, ask for clarification.

Are they Trying to Rush You?

Real work from home and affiliate marketing opportunities are long-term opportunities. If a website is telling you that you need to “sign up today” to avoid missing out, consider why they are saying this. A real opportunity will still be there for you tomorrow.

If you find a website that looks attractive, take the time to properly research it. Check for reviews online. Asked loved ones for their opinion. Sleep on it.

Scam sites will try to scare you into signing up quickly so that you don’t take the time to properly consider all aspects of the business. Don’t fall into this trap. Take your time, ask questions, and verify claims.

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