How to write quality content for your website

How to Write Quality Content for Your Website


Writing quality content for your website is the single most important detail you cannot get wrong. Google, on April 21, 2015, along with its mobile-friendly reminders they issued to crowds of thousands and online viewers on that date, also announced that the most important thing is good content. Paraphrasing here, Google stated that if you have to choose between mobile-friendliness and good content, you should choose great content. This means that Google views natural, relevant information for customers as the most important way to get across the essential business principles they believe in, such as transparency, relevance, and honesty.


Here are some essential components of good-quality content that readers and Google both agree are important in increasing traffic and revenue over the long-term:


Engaging Content- First, engage your reader by offering compelling, relevant content that they will enjoy. Think about why visitors come to your site and what information they are looking for when they visit. Focus on the subject matter of your business. For example, if you are a retail store offering different types of gift items, talk about gifting as a topic on your site or blog and give people ideas on how to choose the best gift for someone. You could also discuss different holidays and how each holiday is different. Any number of topics can be derived from the central theme of gift items. You just have to use your imagination to get it going.


Use SEO Sparingly- Search engine optimization (copy written for the purpose of search engine results through the use of key words), is still considered a good practice, but it should not be overdone. Google views the use of key words, (when used naturally) as fine to do. But keyword stuffing, overuse of words to draw attention to the phrase alone, or any sort of deceit using keywords can get you dropped in the ranking fast. So, when creating your engaging content, list no more than 3-5 key words you want the search engines to pick up when you write your content. You may also wish to check the rankings of the chosen words with Google’s key word search tool, and chose words that rank higher, if they can be naturally associated with your content.


Remember a Call to Action- Near the bottom of your article in a blog, and also prevalent on your main site, you should have a call to action. It should include a link straight to the place you want them to go to buy, email you, or perform some action. Tell your readers what you are asking them to do. Whether it is that you want them to sign up for your newsletter, send an email to sales for more information, or just leave their name and email address, be direct in what you are asking people to do. Believe it or not, they may not take the time to figure it out on their own.


Writing good content is a matter of knowing what your customer is looking for. This takes some research on your part as an online entrepreneur. But it’s worth the time. Do surveys to determine the interests of your clients, then offer them what they are looking for. Ask them what kind of things they’d like to see on the site. ¬†Create a question and answer format sometimes, live webinars, and other items. You’ll be surprised how they will respond to this and you can generate free leads this way. Good content is about good writing too. Good content will also get your website ranked on google which will lead to you website getting consistent traffic which leads to money in your pocket. So get a regular copywriter you can depend upon that will always deliver fresh, original quality content that Google will love-and so will your customers!

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